By Sam Aplin

RRP: £100
Sizes: 36 - 44
Size tested: 36

Don’t let the rain get in the way of a good ride. The Women’s Tremalzo Rain Jacket from German outfitters, Vaude, gives you the green light when it comes to stylish, three-season waterproof cycling apparel.  

The feather-light and eye-catching Tremalzo Rain Jacket is crafted to fit the shape of a women’s body using subtle stitching along the seams that not only eliminate any restriction in movement, but also contribute to the attractive detail of the design.

The Women’s Tremalzo Rain Jacket also rolls up into its own compact bag and is small enough to slip into the back pocket of your cycle jersey.

One of the neat features that I really liked is the mesh strip that runs down the sides and along the bottom of the bag providing the jacket inside the air exposure to dry out on the go. Ideal for slipping on and off in unpredictable conditions.

The Tremalzo Rain Jacket is quite generous in its size and our 36 test size equates to a UK size 8. The material does bulk out slightly around the chest while in a cycling position, but on a positive note, this extra room does allow for multiple layers underneath on a chilly day.

Generous in length and flexible in shape, the sleeves on the Women's Tremalzo Rain Jacket are long enough to cover and protect the backs of the hands (and fingers!) against the cold and wet.

Alternatively, use the Velcro strips on the adjustable cuffs to shorten the sleeves and wrap them tight around the wrists. Ideal for warm, but wet conditions.

Similarly, the bottom hem is also adjustable with an elasticated draw cord to secure the jacket tight around the hips.

Wmns clothing vaude tremalzo 05

Not only does this create extra warmth around the torso, but protects your lower back (and jersey!) against wheel spray. The longer length at the back of the jacket also reinforces this highly practical feature when the body is bent forwards on the bike.

Aesthetically, the fitted design hides this extra length well, so the fashionable multi-functional jacket looks good on two feet as well as two wheels!     

The cleverly placed zip pockets around the chest not only provide storage for non-waterproof items such as a mobile phone, sheltered and protected from the rain bouncing off your back, but leave the zips open and the mesh material on the inside acts as air vents too.

In the heat and humidity of summer un-zip the underarms as well and the airflow around your torso will cool you off in no time!

Unlike some waterproof material that becomes hot and sticky with sweat, even with Vaude’s Roomy 23+3 backpack on, your upper body remains comfortably ventilated. Plus, the subtle strip of Velcro hidden in the back of the stand-up collar, provides the option of a hood attachment.

So the choice is yours: flip open the flap and fling on the optional Spray Hood III, or hang the hood up at home and avoid any unnecessary bulk around the neck.

 A few reflective finishing touches later, and the Tremalzo Rain Jacket is fit for riding at dawn or dusk.

Subtle during the day, the two narrow reflective strips, conveniently placed around the small of the back, are ample enough to help illuminate you on the road as the summer sun sets.

So whether you are sat upright in the saddle, or bent down on the handlebars, ride assured that in low light conditions you will still be seen.

In summary: Vaude have come up trumps with the Women’s Tremalzo Rain Jacket. It’s an excellent, highly practical option for unpredictable three-season cycling in which the high quality construction and design will keep you dry and cool.

Extra bonus points here for the Tremalzo Women’s Jacket as it’s small enough to roll-up small, fit in its own pouch, and fit snuggly into your jersey rear pocket.