By Sam Aplin

RRP: £64.99
Sizes: 8-16
Sizetested: 8

Not only is the Polaris Women’s Vision Jersey striking in appearance, but also defines and flatters the contours as it gently hugs the skin and fits to perfection.

This dazzling fitted design feels delightfully delicate to the touch and demonstrates one of many performance features which Polaris have incorporated into the Vision jersey.

Suitable for spring and summer riding conditions, and with enough stretch to allow for a thin base layer to accommodate those slightly chillier morning rides, the fast wicking lightweight fabric highlights the Women’s Vision Jersey as performance specific.

Tucked up in a time trial position, the slightly longer in length short sleeves which hug the arms to just above the elbow, enhance that streamlined shape as the air slips over the sleeves, rather than under the cuffs. Together with the mesh fabric for extra breath-ability under the armpits that extends down to the waist, this combination feels snug but cooling too as the efforts levels rise. 

The half-length zip is not only highly practical as it also aids temperature control, the comfort factor is a feature not to be overlooked, especially for the petite build. Some women’s jerseys featuring a full-length zip tend to ripple as you reach for the drops and adopt a more aggressive position.

The long torso of the Vision Jersey falls just below the waistline, so that the fabric does not ride up, which from experience, can become irritating even on a short ride. The rubber grip on the back inside hem also keeps the fabric snuggly in place.

I found the Vision Cycle Jersey is particularly appealing to the petite female rider as the sizes come up small - if you are usually a size 6, you may find a size 8 is more suitable. This makes for a convenient and refreshing change for those riders who usually struggle to find the fabric that fits!

One subtle feature which I feel could further enhance the Vision Jersey as performance specific, is a slight change in craft of the shoulders, to create a more forwards position for added comfort. As the shoulders are pulled forwards, the fabric is forced to stretch across the back and crease under the arms; however, as the material is so soft and lightweight anyway, this does not cause any performance prohibiting discomfort.

The ergonomically positioned three deep rear pockets are elasticated across the tops and are extremely roomy for storing multiple energy bars and other small essentials.

The small zipped security pocket provides a safe place for valuables such as a phone or a set of keys; however, as the zip fastens vertically down the back, make sure you keep tight hold as you reach inside so the items do not slip out and crash to the ground. Perhaps a pocket to poke around in pre and post ride instead!

In summary: the Women’s Vision Cycle Jersey from Polaris looks and feels like a high performance specific option with an element of fun and the benefits of a highly practical design.

The bright pink of our test jersey may not appeal to some female riders (there’s two other colour ways to choose from) but the Vision Jersey's high levels of comfort, practicality and fashionable aesthetics will certainly grab you by surprise!