By Sam Aplin


Adding a welcome splash of colour to finish off a smart pair of cycling shorts, the Polaris Women’s Vision Shorts ensures you’ll be seen in a flash of fashion!

A subtle compliment to the matching Vision jersey, the Women’s Vision Cycling Shorts offer a playful touch of class combining black with the summer season’s popping pinks and purples.

Polaris have designed a pair of professional looking, fast-wicking Women’s specific cycling shorts that not only look sleek and smooth, but fashionable in a functional way. The cross-over waistband and asymmetrical coloured grippers make the Vision cycling shorts look feminine and pretty - a desirable contrast to other not so flattering designs.

Although the Vision Cycling Shorts steer clear of the bib design, Polaris have still captured the benefits of bibs by creating a high waistband that sits comfortably above the hips and around the small of the back, staying securely in place when seated in a cycling specific position.

Plus, the cross-over waistband at the front is free from elastic, offering optimum comfort while bent down on the drops. So slip them on and save yourself the hassle of hoicking up your shorts and tugging on your jersey – skin exposure was so last season! 

The length of the shorts is generous, finishing just above the knee, and with the silicon grippers to prevent ride up, the Vision shorts seem suitable to wear in slightly cooler temperatures when the quads need a slight protection from the wind chill.

The small but practical reflective strips on the backs of the legs provide increased visibility on the roads for evening rides, and combined with the dark body of the shorts, they also seem suitable for conditions whereby it’s acceptable to arrive at your destination with a wet spray line up your backside!

However, the lightweight, breathable material wicks away the moisture in the heat of summer, keeping the legs feeling refreshed as the material continues to cool the skin. Even confined to the heat and humidity of the turbo trainer, my legs felt comfortable, cool, and in control.

Although there is no feeling of compression in the material, a feature which can be beneficial particularly in a race situation, even if it’s purely psychologically, the fabric still sits tight to the skin. The way that the silicon grippers are just firm enough to keep a hold of the legs, but also loose enough that they don’t strangle and dent the quads, is a welcome alternative to shorts fitted with tightly fitting grippers.

The Vision Cycling Shorts are particularly attractive to the petite female rider as the sizes seem small and snug compared to some brands, and combined with the comfort of the flatlock stitching, there is no extra material floating around to cause any chaffing or irritation. Although the protective pad feels quite thick, it fits perfectly with the shape of the shorts, creating a comfortable and secure seat, and encouraging hours spent in the saddle without any sign of sores.

In summary: if it’s subtlety with a splash of colour that you’re after, the Women’s Vision Cycling Shorts have the fashion factor. The professional, tailor-made fit and fast-wicking fabric provide a feeling of security for the petite female, and upmost comfort, practicality and performance for riders of all abilities.