By Sam Aplin

A stylish baselayer that meets the eye with a buzz of energy, the ruby striped Active Extreme caresses your skin with a layer of comfort and confidence. Crafty!

Funky and fun-coloured, the Craft Active Extreme Women’s baselayer is a refreshing alternative to boring-black. The main body and sleeves seem a very generous length in a standing position, covering the tops of the legs and the backs of the hands.

The stretchy material is crafted perfectly to the contours of a women’s body, sitting seamlessly against the skin. Craft have also created a comfortable neckline that shadows the shape of a shallow jersey collar, emphasizing a two-in-one fit.

As my body started to heat up on the hills, there was no sign of any irritation, maintaining a dry and comfortable feeling as it wicks away the sweat.

However, in the riding position this design is ideal, particularly when reaching for the drops or whilst down in a time-trial position when you might otherwise expose bare skin as the material rides up your back and arms – not what you want in the midst of winter!

The extra length maintains that ‘wrapped up warm’ feeling after leaving the heat of the house.

From a ‘skin contact’ point of view, comfort-wise it’s quite luxurious. The material is very light and soft to touch, almost as if you’re not wearing an extra layer at all!

However, the thin, lightweight, and breathable material doesn’t seem quite enough underneath a jersey during the winter months to avoid the wind chill, so as the frost threatens to freeze the skin, I found a windproof jacket is needed for extra protection. It would certainly do the job over the autumn or spring - or even the good-old British summer!

In summary: Out of its depth in extreme conditions it may be, but during a cooler weather mix, slip it on and activate your body in comfort and style!