By Sam Aplin

RRP: £55.00
Sizes: XS S M L XL XXL
Size tested: XS
Contact: Craftsportswear

Spring has nearly sprung and it’s time to shave and bare the legs!

But thankfully, not only do the Craft Women’s Move Bib Shorts look smart and sleek on the bike, they are also pleasantly soft and comfortable on your skin. A winning formula for club riders and racers alike.

Craft have designed a functional but clean looking pair of bib shorts which provide women cyclists with optimum comfort. The smooth flatlock seams, together with their matte black finish, looks and feels professional.

However, what I found really nice too, was that unlike some ‘loud’ designs of top end cycle apparel, I found the subtle design of the Move Bibs is favourable to riders looking to attract too much attention to themselves on the road.

Although the soft Lycra of the Move Bib Shorts offers a secure feeling of protection and compression around the legs, which is a very welcomed feature when racing, the material is also very light, breathable and easy to wear for spring and summer riding conditions, so much so that your legs feel completely free!

The bib shorts also offer women a ‘slim fit’ which means that unlike other brands, the 4-way stretch Active Pad not only offers protection against unwanted saddle sores, but is well shaped and positioned for the petite rider with no extra material bunched up between you and the saddle.

The silicone print at the bottom of the legs also helped to keep them perfectly in place, so there’s no need to ‘adjust’ your shorts out on the road. With Craft’s design ingenuity - once the Move shorts were on, they stayed comfortably in place on every ride.

The comfort doesn’t stop there either. The breathable material also protects the small of the back and hips, whether you’re sat up in the saddle or down in the time trial position. So there’s no need to keep hoicking up your shorts or pulling down your jersey as your skin gradually becomes exposed - when wearing the Move Bib Shorts you can focus on the road ahead instead of what’s going on behind!

The mesh-like material of the shoulder straps and down the middle of the shoulder blades offers comfort and breathability in the upper body too. Although the stretchy material is not adjustable, the length of the torso fits perfectly.

The bib straps are however just a little wide in the XS size for a ‘slim fit’ lady. The straps bunched up slightly and sat off the chest and shoulders. Once in the saddle though, it no longer seems an issue underneath a jersey as the straps stay in place and the material feels light enough that they are hardly noticeable at all.

In summary: the Women’s Move Bib Shorts not only offer female riders all-round comfort in the saddle at a terrific price, but there’s a professional feel and edge to the design that’s suitable for female riders of all abilities. And thankfully, you get the same great fit for the more, petite athlete too.