By Sam Aplin

RRP: £12.00
Size tested: 40/42
Contact: Craftsportswear

A crafty treat for the feet!

Soft, cushioning and comfortable against the skin, the Craft Women’s Active Bike Socks are a well-made pair of cycle specific necessities that have no irritating seams or other vices.

Overlook your extremities and you’ll regret it when it comes to cycling performance. Wrap your feet up warm to avoid cold damp toes, but make sure they can breathe too - especially as the power from the legs pushes pressure through to the pedals!

Socks are often at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to the cycling wardrobe, but a good pair of foot mittens can make a significant difference to your comfort and performance. Craft Active Bike Socks are designed for optimum comfort in fair to cold conditions and they certainly proved themselves on a cold spring morning in March.

Cut to finish just above the ankle, the fabric of Craft’s Active Bike Socks are thick enough to make your feet feel snug, but lightweight enough to allow a thermal or waterproof sock to be worn over the top for extra protection - a flexible and practical option for the ever-changing British climate.

Craft have also integrated pressure point technology where the material is slightly thicker and more cushioned around the ball of the foot and heel, as well as the outside edge of the foot, an area which is put under more pressure than some people are aware of when pushing hard into the pedals

Although there is no letter ‘L’ or ‘R’ to differentiate left and right specifically, as with some sports socks, this pressure point technology makes the left/right cut obvious, particularly once they are on, so it’s well worth double-checking you are wearing them the correct way around.    

Unlike some cycling specific socks, the thicker material on the ball of the foot finishes on the tips of the toes, with the slightly thinner material covering the top allowing for wiggle-room and therefore encouraging good heat circulation as your extremities become a little nippy and numb!

Even with heavy-duty over-shoes on, the breathable material keeps your feet feeling dry, comfortable and seemingly free from sweat as the moisture is wicked away.

The mid-foot support band also makes the foot feel secure, creating a slight feeling of compression around the arch and mid-sole - it may not have much of a performance benefit, but it does feel good!   

A very subtle but very effective flexibility band around the ankles, as well as across the top of the foot, just below the ankle where the foot flexes is another example of Craft’s attention to detail.

The socks stay in place as the foot moves through the pedal cycle, even after a few hours or so in the saddle, and the material does not bunch up as it moves inside the shoe.

Conveniently, Craft’s Active Bike Sock is available in two colour combinations - white and grey to suit the cleanliness of (most!) road riding conditions, as well as black and grey as a suitable mud-attracting mountain bike option.

In summary: Craft’s Active Bike Socks are a real pleasure to wear. Make sure you know your left from your right and your feet will feel the benefit of a comfortable, secure and well-designed pair of cycling specific socks.