By Sam Aplin

RRP: 45.00
Sizes: XS S M L XL XXL
Size tested: XS
Contact: Craftsportswear

Move like the Devil!

Offering a refreshing alternative to the pinks and purples usually associated with women’s cycling attire, I found the Craft Women’s Move Jersey in its fetching black and red colour scheme added some devilish attitude to my cycling wardrobe!

Cut to comfortably map the contours of a woman’s body, the fitted design of the Move Jersey is delightfully soft against the skin with the lightweight stretch material loosely hugging the waist.

The simple and clean colour combination together with the matte finish and attention to detail makes the jersey look fit for the professional, but at the same time, subtle and practical enough to wear on a long weekend ride with friends.

Suitable for spring through to autumn riding conditions, the material is extremely lightweight with a subtle change under the armpits for extra breath-ability - one fine example of Craft’s attention to detail which creates a comfortable ride when it gets warm or the terrain gets tough!

If it’s not quite the warm weather you were hoping for though, the Move Jersey sits close enough to act as a base layer underneath for extra protection, so it is a flexible option even for a fitted design.

Clearly, Craft have designed the women’s Move Jersey specific to a cyclists’ position on the bike, as the material falls slightly longer at the back than at the front, and the shoulders are crafted in a forwards position for added comfort to compensate for the reach to the handle bars, or a more extreme position on the drops or time trial bars.

The material on the Move Jersey doesn’t stretch tightly across the upper back like some multi-sport tops, or expose any bare skin to the cold (or the public!) on the small of the back - a feature which is especially important if you have not yet discovered Craft’s Move bib shorts!

In contrast, there is no tight hip-hugging elastic around the bottom of the Women’s Move Jersey, which from experience, can be a nuisance if the material finishes too short.

Unlike some women’s skin-tight jerseys, the fitted design of Craft’s Move Jersey just hangs loosely enough around the hips that the material sits in position without rising and bunching up around the waist as the upper body changes position, whether you’re sat on the hubs, down on the drops, or stood up out of the saddle.

The same can be said for the feather-light sleeves which are so comfortable, they are hardly noticeable at all. No matter how much, or how little I moved around during a ride, there was no need for any in-built ‘assistance’ to keep the Move Jersey in place. It is a ‘fitted’ design, after all.

Clothing wmns jersey craft glow 04

Unlike a traditional design, the stand-up collar hugs the neck for extra protection against the wind, so there is no need to wear an extra buffer in cooler conditions. Some riders may become irritated by the high collar, especially when the warmer weather hits the skin, however, the half-length zip can be undone and the collar turned down to lie flat against the neck for a more comfortable alternative.

Although the jersey is black, which isn’t ideal for road riding, especially if commuting at dusk or dawn, Craft have cleverly placed a reflective dotted pattern in the middle of the back, just below the shoulder blades, for higher visibility on busy roads.

The small craft logo at the bottom is also high-vis, however, if you are sat in a more ‘aggressive’ cycling position, the dots higher up the back may not be so obvious from behind, so an additional pair of reflective Move cycling bibs may be necessary.

 The back of the jersey is designed for comfort and convenience, especially on a longer ride as you can store your energy bars evenly across the three-sectioned back pocket (with your banana in its own pocket so it doesn’t get squashed!). Plus there’s a handy, small zipped pocket that’s just the job for storing a mobile phone, or set of keys.

In summary: the women’s Craft Move Jersey is an extremely comfortable, convenient and lightweight option for the warmer months. Wear some high visibility shorts to be on the safe side when the evening’s start to draw in, and ride with confidence - show off that dare devil attitude.