By Charlotte Sampson

RRP: £12.95
Size: 250cc tub

Top-notch Belgian cycling aficionados, Morgan Blue have created a feminine-friendly chamois cream that’s light in texture and easy to apply, plus a whiff of a fragrance that’s pleasantly fresh and airy.


Accessories womwns Morganblue cream 01

 Whatever type of rider you are, comfort is key. I rarely get on the bike without applying chamois cream to reduce friction and the chance of saddle sores. Once you’ve experienced saddle sores, you will do anything to make sure you don’t get them again!

I applied Morgan Blue’s professional ladies chamois cream before a turbo session to see how I got on. The smell was fragrant but not too strong which was nice, it was slightly thinner to what I am used to but was smooth and easy to apply.

The downside of this being the barrier between the chamois and myself was slightly thinner than I normally prefer, but after 40 minutes in the saddle I had no complaints and remained free of any discomfort, or soreness.

Accessories womens Morganblue cream 02

The formula that Morgan Blue uses includes a nourishing cream that’s based on almond oil. Almond oil is well known in the beauty trade for its skin care qualities, plus Vitamin E, which helps protect and hydrate sensitive areas.

To conclude: I like the screw-top tub of the Morgan Blue Ladies Chamois Cream. It’s a good, handy size and the formula glides on well and has a nice light fragrance.

I personally would like it a little thicker in texture, but all the same, this female-friendly chamois crème delivered on all expectations. It’s the perfect size pot to stash in your kit bag ready to sling in the back of your car so you don’t get caught out on race or event day.