By Colin Dennis

RRP: £18.99 Ultra-ride Cream
RRP: £24.99 Pro-ride Cream

With a sigh of relief, you can ban saddle sores down under using Biomaxa Ultra, or Pro-ride Chamois Creams thanks to our Kiwi friends, Biomaxa.

Lanolin, Mother Nature’s way of making wool waterproof, and sixty million New Zealand sheep can’t be wrong!

Nature knows best of course, and Lanolin is the natural ingredient that helps repel water and enables sheep to thrive on high desolate moorlands without keeling over at the first sign of wind and rain.

Natural ingridients are tha mainstay of all Biomaxa products, but if you’re already into living and eating healthily, you’re probably aware of Manuka, either in its base oil form, or even more popular, as Manuka Honey spread over your morning toast.

Thankfully there’s no sting in the tail either. Biomaxa use Manuka oil and honey to good effect in both versions of their chamois creams. Until you start using a quality chamois cream such as Biomaxa, you really don't know what you're missing.

One long, testing ride using Biomaxa's Chamois Cream, and you'll be sold on the idea for ever. Get yourself over any preconcieved notions that you or your shorts don't need this stuff. Belive me - you do!

Texture wise, both the Ultra-ride and Pro-ride options chamois creams are smooth and soft, yet retain enough solidity that with a little persuasion (ok, rubbing-in) the cream works quickly and easily around your tender loins - especially if you've warmed your hands first.

With modern, man-made fabrics replacing old-school leather chamois, there’s no rush to rub chamois cream into your latest pair of expensive bib shorts the moment you pull them out the packet.

Saying that, some way down the road, and after a number of damaging machine washes, you'll probably need to rekindle your shorts by, for want of a better word, re-moisturising, or softening up the chamois fabric, to help extend the life of your shorts and just as importanly, to keep you free of sores.

You can of course apply the Biomaxa Chamois Cream to both your skin and chamois for greater effect. On a long ride of five to six hours or more I would thoroughly recommend this practice.

Biomaxa do offer two versions of their chamois cream: the Ultra-ride is recommended for regular use and rides up to four hours, while the Pro-ride is aimed at the competition cyclist or for epic rides over four hours.

I can’t help but think that the names are the wrong way round here. Isn’t Ultra the long version of things? Mind you, it’s only semantics, so what the heck! Both creams are a joy to have as a friendly, supportive element to any length ride as far as I’m concerned. So much so, I’ve condemned my tub of petroleum jelly to the bin. Petroleum jelly? Yeah, I know …

In summary: treat yourself and your expensive shorts with either of Biomaxa’s natural Chamois Creams. They work a treat at prolonging the life of your shorts while keeping you free from sores or abrasions.

Worth more than gold on a long sweaty bike ride. Just don't spread it on your toast!