By Colin Dennis

RRP: £64.99
Sizes: S – XXL
Size tested: M

As cyclists we’re always in pursuit of a bargain or two, and the Pursuit Bib Shorts from Polaris is just the ticket: fits like a glove and remains comfortable and supportive no matter how long the ride.

Polaris have been around for longer than I care to remember. I still have Polaris a gilet that refuses to wilt or die after nearly ten years of abuse. OK it only sees the light of day out on the trail now, but it fills a gap in my wardrobe that few other cycling garments can – durability and long life.

Anyway, enough of gilets, lets get back to the Polaris Pursuit Bib Shorts. I instantly likes the fusion of the soft and lightweight mesh uppers to the business end of the shorts. The front and sides of the mesh sits lower than most other bib shorts and the added comfort that this area affords is quite noticeable, but in a good way.

Another area that was noticeable, and I thought a little strange at first was the width of the chamois insert. Although it’s not particularly deeply padded, it certainly supports my weight without any hiccups, but initially it felt that the insert was noticeably wider than I’m used to.

I needn’t have worried. Once perched on the saddle any ambiguity regarding fit simply disappeared. 

clothing shorts polaris pursuit 04

Normally, the number of panels, or sections of material used to make a pair of cycle shorts means a better, more comfortable and supportive fit – cut to shape, if you like? And the Polaris Pursuit Bib Shorts has no shortage of panels to ensure a perfect fit.

Stitching is up to the normal, Polaris standard - excellent. Flat and unoticable regardless how long in the saddle, there are no tell-tale pressure marks due to stitching on the Pursuit Bib Shorts.

Leg grippers are snug enough to keep the shorts from riding up, but comfortable enough to hardly notice they are there, which again, is just what you want from a pair of bib shorts designed to keep you in, rather than out of the saddle.

In summary: for the money, I found that the Polaris Pursuit Bib Shorts rose above the expectation of a performance orientated piece of cylcling kit easily, but thankfully without the associated price tag.

Endurance cycling apparell without enduring the pain of paying a high price. Nice-one, Polaris!