By Colin Dennis

RRP: £35.99
Sizes: S M L XL
Size tested: L (43-45)
Weight: 300g

Feeling a little sheepish about riding your bike this wet and windy winter? Cold feet putting you off getting the miles in? Then get into a pair of Cube’s Winter Overshoes and get out there - these beauties will keep your tootsies as warm as toast!

I hate the cold and wet as much as any other rider and the thought of layering up like Scott of the Antarctic often sends me into the shed and my turbo trainer. But personally, I’d rather be out on the road and the Cube Winter Overshoes are certainly worth all that effort getting togged up.

Coming up to almost mid shin, Cube’s winter wonders are the highest pair of overshoes that I’ve ever worn, I don’t think they’re over-kill at all, for once you really do get full lower limb protection from the elements.

I’ve ridden with these Neoprene overshoes on both road and trail in the wettest of weathers. There’s no questioning the build quality either: double stitching prevails throughout and even the waterproof YKK zipper is backed up by a further rubberised strip.

Fully taped for near-perfect waterproof durability, there’s a distinct lack of panels and so less seams means less likelihood of leakage. Saying that, the toe and heel sections are buffed-up no end with their rubberised snake skin look-alike protection.

Clothing overshoes cube 05

Down under at the sole, Cube have made sure that everything stays in place thanks to a tough section of hard-wearing Velcro. The toe section isn’t going to slip off either, there’s plenty of overlap underneath and no rising up of the toe covers.

Inside, the fleece lining does wonders to keep feet and lower legs warm, we’ve pictured the Cube Winter Overshoes going over our legging, art-for-art-sake kind of thing, but in reality we’d have any outer wear over the top to help keep the wet from running down the inside. Even if it did get wet inside, the man-made fleece lining is going to retain the majority of its thermal properties anyhow.

The large reflective tabs are a welcome boost when climbing into the overshoes, but the size L covers for my size 44 shoes were easy enough to slip on and remain snug at all times. Large Cube logos on the sides and front further enhance the reflective protective element of the Winter Overshoes to good effect in vehicle headlamps.

In summary: The British Lakeland author and illustrator, Alfred Wainwright, first coined the phrase that, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.’ Well, he’s right of course, but the Cube Winter Overshoes would certainly have done the famous man proud.

The Cube Winter Overshoes offer excellent foot protection in the worst possible weather leaving me no excuses to head for the shed.