By Colin Dennis

RRP: £145
Sizes: S - XXXL
Size tested: M

Simply stunning in both design and quality, the POC AVIP Jersey is quite possibly one of the finest ‘engineered’ cycling top we’ve yet to come across.

Quite possibly, over-engineered too.

Construction of the AVIP Jersey is faultless, and both the fabric and stitching are of the finest quality and finishing.

Although there is no doubting the quality and construction, the styling, or rather the colour schemes, might not be to every riders’ taste. You will stand out from the crowd though.

But no-way could you ever mistakenly label The AVIP Jersey as style over function. The four-way stretch fabric contours to the body like a second skin to help cut through the air, while the barely visible under arm mesh helps any sweat to escape and aids flexibility,

For starters, the AVIP is like slipping on an old pair of slippers, the coolness of the fabric around the chest, shoulders and sleeves feels gossamer-like and stretches enough to fit comfortably without pulling as you lean forwards onto the drops of your handlebars.

Down around the waist and hem sections the AVIP fits snug as a bug. The full gel gripper around the hemline doesn’t allow any creeping of the jersey regardless of how far your fully-slammed steering stretches out before you.

There are the standard three rear pockets, they're not overly big but they are augmented by a third, small external pocket designed specifically for a mobile phone. An over-sized smart phone migh just be a squeeze too tight though.

There is also an even smaller fourth, zipped pocket hidden away in the right-hand rear pocket. I have to tell you this because it's so small you might wear this jesrey for years and not know it was there!

The full-length zipper runs smoothly enough, not the smoothest as it’s quite small and light, but the tiny zip garages at both neckline and waist keep the business ends of the zip out of harm’s way.

When riding in the dark, the shoulder logos, and lower rear section of the AVIP Jersey light up like the proverbial Belisha Beacon, talk about ‘watching your back.’

For those a little-less brave, the AVIP Jersey is also available in white/navy black. I always thought it was navy blue?

In summary: if only the finest cycling apparel is what you demand, then POC should be on your short-list. The AVIP jersey is superbly finished-off and is about as comfortable as you are likely to find in a performance road jersey.

But ... if you're a rider who likes to carry the kitchen sink when riding, then it might be worth investing in a small saddle bag - or carry less. You wouldn't want to miss out on wearing this superb piece of cycle clothing.