By Matt Black

RRP: £89.99
Sizes: S – XXL
Size tested: M

Beautifully made windproof performance top from Madison, the Men’s RoadRace Jersey is a three-season jersey that helps keeps your core temperature at optimum when the wind and rain pushes you back.

British summer can often mean experiencing three seasons weather in one day: cooltemperatures, blustery winds and quite often, downpours of Biblical proportions. So why not a cycling top that helps combat the elements to keep you happy in the saddle?

And this is exactly what the Madison RoadRace Windtech Jersey does with great aplomb.

First and foremost, the Windtech Jersey is a great looking piece of kit, and despite its windproof fabric construction across the chest, shoulders and side panels, remains comfortable to wear thanks to the elasticity of said fabric.

The quality of the stitching on the Windtech Jersey is pure over-kill, but I’m happy with that process. With hundreds of miles of road under its belt, the Windtech Jersey shows no sign what so ever of coming apart at the seams. Read ‘hundreds of machine washes’ too (slight exaggeration there, but you know what I mean)

The devil is in the finishing detail too. Hems, sleeves, collar and waistband, are all finished off to what can only enhance the look, comfort and performance of the RoadRace Windtech Jersey. There are no sharp edges of material to catch and the stitching sits flat against the body to avoid any potential pressure points.

Clothing madison jersey roadrace 01

The Windtech Jersey features a smooth running and hidden full length zip for ease of getting on and off, plus maximising the flexibility of venting, should the need arise. On a recent road trip that included the wind-swept cliff tops of West Cornwall, the need arose for me to wear a thin baselayer underneath. This factor helped show the versatility of the RoadRace Jersey as a three season top.

Around at the back, the Windtech Jersey boasts three sturdy rear pockets that carry all the essential ride gubbins with ease, plus there’s a small zip pocket for keys and other small, essential items. The deep middle section of the back is a lightweight mesh fabric affair. Sweat simply vanishes into thin air, and feels gossamer-like as it sits lightly across your back to maximise the comfort once more.

The middle pocket also carries a two vertical reflective stripes, and with the drop tail on the Windtech Jersey being suitably long enough to afford proper protection at the rear, the reflective stripes are in the correct place to be an effective deterrent when riding on dark roads.

In summary: without breaking the bank, the Madison RoadRace Jersey provides high levels of comfort, performance and durable protection against the elements for much of the year.

The windproofing is highly effective at keeping body core warm yet flexible enough to provide ample ventilation when necessary.

Add the Madison Windtech Jersey to your wardrobe and never worry about what to wear again when the weather turns unpredictable.