By Colin Dennis

RRP: £70.00
Sizes: S – XXL
Size tested: M

The lightweight and eye-catching Polaris Force Road Jersey performs as good as it looks: snug fitting and silk-like in its feel, all adds up to a superb spring and summer road jersey that’s the perfect fit for tough sportives and racing alike.

The stylishly hooped collar and neck bands give the Force Jersey a tang of retro appeal, which I like, but the construction and use of material should leave no one in doubt about Polaris’s modern approach to performance cycle apparel.

Available in two colour-ways: blue or green. Both Force Jerseys employ the same bold graphics: deeper at the top of the jersey then fades away as you near the lower half; It’s very fetching.

Breaking away from the majority of the Polyamide fabric, Polaris have included large mesh side panels to beef-up the wicking properties of the Force Jersey, and if it wasn't comfortable enough already, the inclusion of the side panels certainly pushes the performance factor up a notch or two.

It's worth noting here that the soft, hooped collar is also constructed using mesh fabric, while the sleeve ends are Polyamide.

Being contour-fitting, the fabric of the Force Jersey is very stretchy in all directions. This feature ensures that it’s working hard at wicking away the sweat. This it does admirably, and the fitting of the full-length and smooth running, lightweight zip allows for maximum ventilation when conditions dictate. The zip puller can also be parked away in a tidy little garage at the neck line; ideal for those finish line poses.

Stitching throughout the Force Road Jersey is well finished and tough enough to hold the jersey together seamlessly. The only area where I would have liked to see more stitching is in the makeup of the three rear pockets.

The pockets are quite narrow and if you're packing gels tools and other essentials, it's a bit of a tight fit. Other than that pedantic little point, Polaris are more than up to their usual high standards of stitching and quality of construction. There's a very hany zipped rear pocket too for safe keeping of money or keys which thankfully doesn't encroach too much onto the rear pockets.

In summary: the Polaris Force Jersey is a stylish top quality spring and summer road jersey that has a certain pro-feel, performance and quality oozing from its pores.

It’s very comfortable to wear under extended hot conditions and wicks away seat at a high rate thanks to the sizable mesh side panels. The full length zip is a much welcome bonus when the temperature rockets skywards.