By Colin Dennis

RRP: £100
Sizes: M (48-58cm) L (59-62cm)
Size tested: M
Weight: M (220g) L (250g)
Contact: Velobrands

Quite possibly the most reviewed road helmet on the planet, but rightly so, I believe the Kask Mojito offers a level of comfort and security like few other cycling helmets can no matter how expensive they might be.

Italian manufacturers, Kask, make high quality safety helmets for other sports and professions, but is as cyclists, and predominantly, Team Sky, is where we see Kask protecting the world’s elite athletes on the telly.

The Kask Mojito is as light as it is good looking, there is a deep sense of professionalism when you slip this performance lid on. The Mojito, like a top bike, makes you feel good and want to ride better.

Am I waxing lyrical? I don’t think so. Just dial open the micro-adjuster, drop the cradle to its lowest position at the back of your head and adjust the dial backup and wonder where the helmet has gone. At 220g for the medium size, the Mojito belies its importance as an item of safety equipment.

The Kask Mojito only comes in two sizes, but they’re both adjustable enough to fit majority of normal head sizes. On the other hand there’s no shortage of colour options available, the only question is which one do you go for. You can even wave the patriotic flag.

Cooling down is taken care of by 26 well channelled vents that helps ram the air through your hair like a blow dryer. Downfall here of course is that like now, the winter chills dictate that a skull cap should be sandwiched between head and helmet to regulate temperature.

If there was one area which I would change on the Mojito it would be the leatherette chin strap. It’s not that it’s not any good, far from it, it’s great, but it’s possibly just a little bit over-built and could have got away with lighter weight fabric. But then again Kask wouldn’t have been able to proudly emboss their state flag onto anything less.

I like the feeling on my head where the Mojito sits deep onto my head, it may be a compact design but the sense of security and comfort afforded by this helmet is seemingly immeasurable.

In summary: There is the argument of what price safety? We should never scrimp when it comes to head protection and at £100, the Kask Mojito offers road cyclists more than enough of comfort versus protection to satisfy the most ardent of picky pro and club cyclists.