By Colin Dennis

RRP: £39.99
Sizes: XS/S S/M M/L
Size tested: S/M on 58cm head
Contact: NRG4

You don’t need to endlessly search the web to find a quality and versatile helmet that’s just as happy off-road and the commute home.

Even at its retail price, the Kali Chakra is already ‘bargain of the year’ as helmets go.

I like surprises, and when I first found the Kali Chakra helmet in my local bike shop – yep! I went and bought it! I was looking for an unobtrusive and well-built helmet that was happy to go off-road on my cyclocross-cum-commute bike, and although you’d think this was easy, I’m a bit fussy when it comes to helmets.

My head is slim and most helmets wobble around on my head leaving me feel a little uncertain – never good when it comes to fitting and wearing helmets. So when I quickly adjusted the Chakra’s Dial Fit System to fully-open it was love at first fitting. The straps are lightweight yet hold and adjust as easily and securely as well as any helmet around the £100 mark.

There’s a nice drop to the Chakra at the side and back to offer a more than reasonable amount of impact protection should the worst happen, but like all good insurance policies, the Kali Chakra pays dividends without having to pay over the odds and as yet – cash-in.

I’m quite taken by the quality of the build on the Kali Chakra, I’ve stopped looking for cut corners, I can’t find any. It’s just a really well-made helmet that’s comfortable for my narrow head, fits extremely well, and like the old adage says: if it’s comfortable, you’ll wear it.

The Chakra even incorporates an anti-bug net on the front vents if you fit the supplied, alternative liner. The small visor is easy to remove should you wish to but it’s unobtrusive and I’ve yet to find a reason to take it off – if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!

In summary: not much more to say really. The Kali Chakra speaks volumes for its self. It’s just a really well made helmet that will satisfy xc-riders and commuters alike and at the same time baffle you as to why it’s such great value for money. A real bargain!