By Colin Dennis

RRP: £29.99
Sizes:S M L XL XXL
Size tested: M (size 9)

The Monitor 2.0 full finger gloves from Lizard Skins are tough, comfortable and afford ideal digit protection for mountain biking, cyclocross and adventure road cycling.

They also have ‘Knuckle Gussets’ how cool is that?

Lizard Skins are widely known for their ubiquitous chainstay and suspension protection products. So having spent over twenty years keeping the crud off and out of your bike frames and components, it makes sense that they move to do the same with your hands.

The Monitor 2.0 gloves have been our choice of full finger protection for a number of Cycle Reviewer bike reviews over the last few months, and in all but the very coldest of wet weathers have they performed extremely well.

They are very durable too. Our medium size (size 9) are test gloves as yet to show any wear and tear despite them having been neglected too often and are overdue a visit to the washing machine. Stitching is durable and unobtrusive, and just like the rest of the gloves, seems to be holding out pretty well.

The soft and absorbent thumb construction was gentle on many a nose wipe scenario in the rain while the synthetic palm and fingers are backed up by some welcome reinforcement and padding around the ulnar area of the palm.

The Monitors finish at the wrist and so offer unrestricted movement in this area. The Velcro works too! How often do some manufacturers forget about this potentially annoying issue? Seal Skins thankfully provide enough effective Velcro on the Monitor 2.0 gloves to stop me moaning about this sticky problem - thank you!

Primarily for MTB use, the Monitor gloves came in extremely handy on our YouTube Seven Evergreen SL review last October. They are light enough for adventure road and gravel riding, and offer more than enough grip and protection for enduro MTB riding.

On the back of the Monitor gloves your hands are protected by a series of flexible rubber inserts to the middle two fingers and back of the hand. Too soft to offer serious downhill protection, the pliable inserts work fine for lighter off-road duties.

There’s plenty of stretch built into the Monitor 2’s. This not only enhances the comfort here, but really helps to keep the gloves in contact with a wide range of handlebar grips: including Lizard Skin’s own DSP road tape as seen on the Seven Evergreen SL review.

With the fingers of the Monitors having built-in articulation, and ‘Knuckle Gussets’ you do notice how well they sit on any style of handlebar, and the lack of any tightness as you grip hard and head for the lumpy stuff provides plenty of control and feedback to your fingers – especially during prolonged hard breaking.

Touch screen compatibility is built into the Monitor gloves and this function on the fore finger works well in the wet, but became a little hit-and-miss in the wet. This could be down to my screen as much as the gloves, but I dare say the wet accounts for most of the frustration rather than the Monitor gloves.

We did try this action out on two other makes of smart phones but to be honest the differences were negligible – it was easier to just take the gloves off in the wet.

In summary: the Monitor 2.0 gloves are very comfortable and unobtrusive on your hands. They provide plenty of grip even when wet and perform well in the rain on any style of handlebar and grip combination. And let's not forget about the Knuckle Gussets!