By Colin Dennis

RRP: £31.99
Weight: 39g
Sizes: s m l xl xxl
Size tested: m

British summer time - best week of the year! But thankfully the Extreme Tech Plus summer Gloves from fabled Italian clothing company, Northwave, have provided that all important balance of comfort, protection and ventilation throughout late spring through to the autum. 

'The result is a pair of gloves that offer a really nice degree of comfort and control in every position, be it road bar tape or when wrapped around a thick-set pair of MTB grips.'

Although looking primarily like a posh pair of road gloves, Northwave's Extreme Tech Plus Gloves have seen plenty of use getting mucky on the trail as much as staying clean on the road. This has included lengthy bouts of cyclocross and mountain biking over the last few months.

It's testement to the build quality that Northwave put into the Extreme Tech Plus gloves, and a pair of mitts that crosses disciplines can save money, but if you don't look after them, you might wear them out sooner than planned.

There's no doubt that the Extreme tech plus summer glove is a high performace, well ventilated set of mitts that utilises Northwave's biomap technology to great effect. I'm sorry if that sounds a little too corporate, but the Biomap design simply places protective inserts in the palm in the high stress areas for protection.

The result is a pair of gloves that offer a really nice degree of comfort and control in every position, be it road bar tape or when wrapped around a thick-set pair of MTB grips.

The Extreme Tech Plus mitts have been my gloves of choice throughout the summer and autumn and the two loops on each glove is a welcome change to pulling gloves inside out. There is a tiny bit of stretching to the stubby fingers when I extract my hands, but shape is retained and the stretching is nothing like you'd experience if you were (wrongly) pulling them off, one finger at a time.

I did resort to peeling them off (inside out, as you would normal do) now and again, but that's possibly due to the fact that I'm not used to finding helpful loops on my old gloves. I thought it was a nice touch and reflected the price and attention to detail.

What I really liked about the Extreme Tech Plus was that, it might seem like small potatoes, but the Velcro strip, as short as it was, actually stuck together regardless how long I rode for. Some other gloves I've used over the years (no names, no pack drill) have had me resorting to cutting off the more-than-useless strip of Velcro.

But moving swiftly on from Velcro, it's early October as I pen this review, and the Indian summer has been kind to us cyclists keen to make the most of our good fortune. Therefore, any excuse not to dress up in thermal togs is always welcome, and when contact points like hands get a rough time throughout the winter, it's nice to know that when your still wearing warm-weather kit, it makes you feel like summer is still here.

Washing and caring for the gloves is easy, and because hands get so sweaty it's worth washing them regularly as prolonged sweat can be more than a little destructive when it comes to cotton thread if not dealt with. If you follow the manufacturers small print and don't over cook them, these gloves should last for a few, long seasons at least.

In summary: the price maybe a little deep for some pockets, and this reflects the overall score, not the quality of the gloves. I believe that Northwave's Extreme Tech Plus Gloves give excellent value for money when I think how well they've served on and offroad over the last five months.