By Colin Dennis

RRP: £26.99
Sizes: S – XL
Size tested: M

Soak up the road this summer and autumn with the excellent Polaris Latitude Road Mitts for all-round comfort and numb-free hands.

Contact points with your bike should never be taken lightly, be they, shoes, shorts or as we have here, gloves. Contact points are the areas where good money needs to be spent and the Polaris Latitude Road Mitts are a classic example.

Snug fitting without being tight around the hands, fingers, or wrist, the many panelled construction of the Polaris Latitude Mitts has ensured that the mitts retain their shape, even after quite a few washes over the spring and summer months – read ‘wet and dry’ rides!

The Amara palm is fitted out with four tactically place gel inserts, and without being too bulky, and therefore divorcing your hands from the feel of the handlebars, the gel inserts are more than a match for any tarmac road surface.

I really like the short wrist length of the Latitude Mitts, this helps reduce sweating in warm weather, or when riding hard, but also keeps the weight down and feel totally unrestrictive.

The long Velcro closure tab simply refuses to curl-up at the ends, and remains fastened at all times. This is something you can’t say of many a lightweight glove where the manufacture annoyingly scrimps on the Velcro closure.

The towelling thumb section is also welcomingly long, so there’s always a clean section on which to wipe your nose with – come on, you know you do! The lightweight Latitude Mitts also feature a durable mesh backing, this helps no-end at keeping your hands cool by allowing sweat to escape easily.

Stitching throughout the Latitude Mitts remains faultless and shows no sign of wear and tear with three months of hard riding and washing under their belt.

In summary: long, warm days in the saddle require contact points to be of excellent quality. The Polaris latitude Road Mitts fulfil this role easily to provide, for what isn’t a great deal of money, a pair of road gloves that help reduce surface vibration while effectively keeping your hands stay cool and dry on the longest of rides.