By Colin Dennis

RRP: £20.00
Sizes: S, M, L
Size tested: M

Solo’s Luxury Socks may be good for the sole and make your feet feel posh, but your wife or partner is also going to love you for wearing them around the house too. Why? Well, best read on …

If I was a betting man and won the lottery, the second thing that I would go out and buy would be a year’s supply of Solo Luxury Socks. There’s not much to compare to in the cycling world like slipping on a pair of these socks for the first time, and I want to repeat that lovely feeling over and over again.

As cyclists, our poor-old feet get a pretty rough deal whatever the weather or temperature, but Solo have the answer as far as foot-pampering goes, and why shouldn’t you treat your feet to a little luxury – heaven knows they go through some abuse on the bike.

Solo have really gone to technical-town with their luxury socks, and it’s no bull either. Wash after wash, these little beauties refuse to be beaten, they feel as good as new after every wash. It’s a bold statement on the Solo website, but it’s true – just don’t overcook them in the washing machine, then for best results, simply leave them on the line to dry.

Solo have done some clever design work with the synthetic fibre constructions: cushioning is enhanced in the toe and heel to help protect the more pressure-sensitive and tender areas of the feet while the ventilated uppers help keep the feet cool on warmer days.

They also feature Sanitized T27-22 Silver treatment which is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal and odour repelling, which is great for sensitive nostrils – or you could just wash them!

I’ve worn my Solo Luxury socks on pretty much every road and cyclocross ride from early spring through into autumn without complaint regarding comfort, warmth and longevity.

Remember: cycling kit goes through a lot of washing and it’s the really good kit that bounces back time after time to perform as good as when it came out of the bag. And at twenty quid for the pair, luxury has become very affordable.

And the answer to the burning question at the top of the page? Try wearing Solo’s Luxury socks around the house for a while – they are first-class at picking up every little piece of household debris that lies around on the carpet. It certainly saves on Hoovering!

In summary: Solo’s Luxury Socks are as good as it gets for foot comfort: soft, performance enhancing, whiff-free and they’re extremely good for the sole. Highly recommended!