By Colin Dennis

RRP: £12 - £13
Size: one size
Weight: Classic 20gr per pair. Pro 12gr per pair

Looking for an answer to a problem you didn’t know you had? Wind Blox noise reducers have blown-in fresh from our cousins across the pond, and are simply brilliant at cutting out wind noise.

Ok, there is a chance that you didn’t even know there was a wind problem (no rude jokes please) but try this little experiment …

Find a nice quiet road, and if you are sure you’re confident enough to cycle with one hand for a few moments, place one of your forefingers vertically on to the side of your face and in front of the same side ear. Notice anything?

If you’ve done this simple experiment correctly you’ll have noticed how much the wind noise has been reduced.

Wind-Blox recon that both, their Classic and Pro noise reducers cut the offending wind noise by at least 80%.

Better and much safer that riding around like an idiot with your finger stuck in your ear!

The Wind-Blox wind noise reducers are affixed by Velcro strips down the front strap of your helmet in seconds and weigh next to nothing. The reflective logos on either  the Classic or Pro versions semm to be standing up the the latest band of weather fronts.

Ironically, it's on the cold, clear mornings of late in which the Wind-Blox have really come into their own.

The Classic version is short and stumpy compared to the slim-line Pro version, and therefore a little more visible you might say, but it’s not like you ride around looking at them. It’s results that matter, and the relef is quite staggering.

Being a long-term sufferer of Tinnitus, I fully appreciate how much this simple idea helps me: nowhere near as much cold air gets into my inner ear, while the reduction of wind noise as I ride along at a nifty pace has far less impact (in a positive way) upon the constant ringing in my head.

You can purchase the Wind-Blox wind noise reducers direct from the US at the URL above, but we'll give you the heads-up just as soon as we get wind of a UK distributor.

In summary: the Wind-Blox wind noise reducers are a classic case of, form and function working together in harmony. A cycle accessory that’s as simple to use as it is effective.

I was blown away by how much wind noise is actually reduced when using either the Classic or Pro versions from Wind-Blox.

If you're looking to purchase Wind-Blox from the UK, you can find them here: