By Colin Dennis

RRP: £14.00
Size: One size
Contact: Solocc

Still feeling the winter chill? Retain your body heat and banish the cold with the versatile Solo Merino Wool Collar for a soft answer to heat retention and ventilation.

Made from 150g of super fine Merino Wool, the Solo Neck Collar, or head-over, has a multitude of uses, is lovely and comfy to wear and takes up very little space in your rear pocket.

Like any quality Merino wool item, Solo’s Neck Collar is itch-free, lightweight and thanks to its natural Lanolin content is odour resistant. But the levels of warmth on offer by simply slipping this little piece of cycling apparel on over your head is quite staggering.

Zip up your collar and pull the neck collar up over your chin to protect yourself against the biting cold, but even in this super-fine, 150g lightweight weave, the Solo Merino Neck Collar punches way above its weight.

I’ve also used the collar as a helmet liner. With very little bulk to talk of it fits under any helmet and with a little manual dexterity you can get it to cover the ears.

The Merino collar doesn’t have any windproof properties, but then again it’s not designed to be that kind of barrier and so in the very lowest of temperatures a fleece-lined skull cap would work better.

It’s just that the Solo Merino Neck Collar being so versatile is what makes it such an attractive and cheap proposition against wind, rain and the bitter cold.

In summary: Hang one of Solo’s Merino Collars around your neck or ears this winter for a handy and versatile answer to keeping the cold and wet at bay.