By Colin Dennis

RRP: £32.00
Weight: 120g
Sizes: XS S M L XL XXL
Size Tested: M

As a performance Baselayer the Craft Active Extreme is lightweight, a great fit and works extremely well at keeping you dry and warm during the cooler months.

I really like what the designers at Craft have created with the Active Extreme Baselayer. 100% man-made Polyester is used throughout and the high fitting crewneck helps keep the warmth in on those cold, windy rides.

The rib effect construction is stretchy enough to guarantee a comfortable fit and the arms and torso are plenty long enough for my lanky frame. Moisture is quickly whisked away from the body thanks to the six-channel fibres that sit against your skin and transfer the sweat to the hollow fibres on the outside.

Baselayers generally work best when they are close fitting, this is so that the fabric can move moisture away, as mentioned above. In essence, a Baselayer works best where it touches the skin so it moves moisture more efficiently. The Craft Active Extreme is close fitting yet totally non-restrictive. It’s incredibly comfortable and has become my favourite Baselayer this winter.

Flatlock seam construction of the Active Extreme ensures that there are no pressure points anywhere on the garment. Being relatively lightweight and thin, the Active Extreme isn’t as effective an insulator as thicker Baselayers might be. This isn’t so important as a cyclist as we generally warm up fairly quickly and maintain warmth as we keep moving.

Baselayers also form the first of what we would normally term the first element to layering up. A Baselayer is followed by a thermal, or mid-layer, such as a cycling jersey, then comes the outer layer like a wind or waterproof jacket.

You can of course mix-and-match these three elements to personalise and create the best performing system that suits your preferences. But the three layer system is the most recognised way, or start point, to keeping warm and dry during most outdoor winter activities.

In summary: Craft’s excellent Active Extreme Baselayer is definitely one to add to your winter training wardrobe. It’s as comfortable a fit as you’re ever likely to get and works wonders at regulating body moisture and temperature. A bargain wherever you purchase it!