By Colin Dennis

RRP: £32.99
Sizes: 700 x 23 25 28
Size tested: 700 x 25 120TPI Folding Clincher
Weight: 225g

Clément are a longstanding, famous Belgian Tyre Company that are so synonymous with the success of many heroic riders and Spring Classic races that you can almost feel the rumble of those punishing cobbles in your hands as you lever on the lightweight Strada LLG tyres.

Designed to work consistently well in either wet or dry conditions, the 120 TPI (threads per inch) Strada LGG Tyres have a lot to live up to, given their history.

But the puncture resistant dual compound construction enables the centre of the Strada tyres to be harder and roll smoothly, while the slightly softer sidewalls help create a comfortable and responsive ride.

And to be honest, they are a fast rolling tyre that's got plenty of zip to them, especially in the wet.

I love the fact that the Strada LGG road tyres are named after the airport code for Liege in Belgium, heart of the Ardennes and home of the infamous Liège–Bastogne–Liège cycle race, the oldest of the classics.

You could only get this degree of dedication from a country that’s totally immersed in its own cycling culture.

Nationalistic, airport-naming tendencies aside, the Clement Strada LGG Road Tyres are famous for the chevron design that runs around the whole that’s designed to give rider and bike a confidence inspiring ride as you throw yourself into the corners.

With a few hundred, mostly wet miles under their belt, the Clément Strada’s are rapidly becoming our favourite choice of rubber compound for staying in contact with the shiny tarmac this winter.

We ran the Strada’s at various pressures to see how they reacted to rider input and rolling resistance.

Down at around 80 PSI the Strada’s were armchair-like in comfort, and despite our local road surfaces often resembling a battlefield, the dual compounds gave no hint of letting the side, or pressure, down.

Inflating them up to 120 PSI ensured a fast, no nonsense approach to riding at a high cadence. It’s been wet and windy for so long now it’s difficult to remember the warmth of the sun. But pumping up the tyres and pumping up the blood more than makes up for limped sunshine.

Pot holes, the odd steep cobbled surface or two, and a tendency to like going up hills as much as feeling their way down them, the Strada LGG’s seem more than worthy of their historical, classic background.

In summary: The Strada LGG Road Tyres make a seriously viable alternative to the major tyre brands out there, and historically, Clément are probably one of the most successful tyre manufactures in cycling history.

So, if you're looking to upgrade or replace your road tyres in the near future, you should seriously consider checking out the Clement Strada LGG's.

Theyalso come withthe coolest headerboards you're ever likely to hang on your bedroom or garage wall. It's almost as if the Belgian's know a ting or two about cycling!




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