By Colin Dennis

RRP: £32.99
Weight: 350gr
Size: 700x33c
TPI: 120

The Clément Crusader PDX cyclocross tyre offers an interesting combination of fast, centre lined tread that’s mixed with a more open spaced knobblies along the shoulders, and for mixed, intermediate terrain, the PDX works a treat!

We all seek an advantage where possible when it comes to competition, and when a cyclocross tyre, such as the PDX from Clément offers a combination of the best of both worlds with its fast rolling centre tread and subsequent open tread, who are we to not take full advantage.

This is a clincher tyre that offers up, dare I say it? Value for money without being discounted. There, I said it. £32.99 is not a huge amount to pay out for a CX tyre of this quality: 120 TPI (threads per inch) ensures that the Crusader PDX is supple enough to glide over the terrain and remain in contact as it contours over the ground.

At 350 grams, the PDX is no ground-breaker, but for the money, the weight is certainly acceptable, if not extra value for money.

We initially ran the PDX clinchers at around 50psi and found plenty of grip in all but the loosest of terrain. Pumping up to 60psi had the desired effect of less traction and more speed as you would expect over smooth gravel surfaces, but the open side wall tread pattern made up for lost ground when dust turned quickly to dirt.

Tyre pressure can seem like a complicated affair when it comes to cyclocross tyres, but using a clincher is always going to bring the added problem of pinch flats if you run them too low. Go and find out what works for you, your bike, and your weight.

A little time finding the right pressure for you will pay dividends in the long-run. Oh, yeah, the type of terrain being ridden will make a difference to the tyre pressure too!

If the ground is dry or hard-packed, the centre tread is bang-on for grip and quick acceleration, but when you need to tilt the bike over into fast flowing corners and berms, the side walls with its open tread pattern provides plenty of confidence-inspiring grip just when you need it.

In summary: the Clément Crusader PDX offers riders of all levels excellent value for money for a competitive cyclocross tyre.

The combination of fast-rolling centre tread and open sidewall pattern ensures quick acceleration on hardpacked surfaces and plenty of grip when the gravel turns to grass.

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