By Colin Dennis

Sizes: 700 x 23, 25, 28C
Size tested: 700 x 25C (25 – 622)
Weight: 245g

The latest offering of Schwalbe’s Durano road tyres provide a fast-rolling and secure, puncture-resistant platform on which to roll about the countryside with ease. Light enough for sportives riders looking for a hassle-free riding and tough enough to last the grimiest of winter training regimes.

Schwalbe, translated from German means ‘Swallow’ those fast moving, blue-coated summer visitors that set up home under the eaves of tall buildings and drops little presents on your head as you pass under.

And while one swallow may not make a summer, we test ride a pair of Schwalbe’s latest Durano road tyres to discover if they can help us ride any slicker and, um … swifter?

Schwalbe are a renowned German tyre company with a world-wide following. Schwalbe tyres are not only found at the highest levels of road or mountain bike racing but often they’re the choice of global adventure types too.

On the front of the box Schwalbe state the weight of the Durano as ca (guess that means circa – around) 245g, we weighed the tyres at 260g each, give or take a gram. But hidden away and sandwiched in amongst the Dual Compound rubber is a double layer of Nylon that provides the Durano tyres with their RaceGuard protection belt. And effective it has been, too.

Getting our 25mm folding, clincher versions of the Durano onto carbon rims proved no more challenging than any other folding tyre that I’ve ever fitted. Folding tyres can be slightly fiddlier than steel beaded tyres as there’s no internal wire to hold them in place as you ease the tyre over the rim. Thankfully, I only needed a tyre lever to encourage the final few inches onto the wheel.

If I’d had a little more strength in my hands I could probably fitted both tyres without the use of levers at all – which is always more preferable and avoids the possibility of pinching the tyre.

With 100 PSI pumped into the inner tubes and both tyres facing the correct way (there are small arrow indicators on the sidewalls should you miss the large directional, channelling chevrons on the tread of the tyres that also help provide tons of grip in even the wettest of rides – August in particular) the side walls fitted flush against the rims without having to pump them up to their maximum of 115 PSI.

It is worth pumping any tyre up to their maximum, just to double check that the tyres sit comfortable all the way around the rim, you can then opt for letting out some air to adjust for your ride comfort. But the Durano tyres needed no such adjustment or encouragement – less faffing about is always welcome.

In summary: summer Swallows buzzing overhead - the Durano are fit-and-forget tyres that have yet to let me down. Schwalbe haven’t made any false promises over the durability or longevity of the Durano tyres. With over 700+ plus miles that our Durano tyres have ridden on a long-term test bike, I have yet to experience a flat. Luck or a great set of tyres? – I think I’ll go with the latter.

Schwalbe Durano DD 2016 728x90px