By Colin Dennis

RRP: 34.99
Weight: 257g

The Look Keo-compatible Boardman Road Pro Pedals provide easy, no-fuss clipless pedalling at a price you really can’t fault, or ignore.

Away from home and in dire need of a set of road pedals for a road bike review last October, I pulled into a handy Halfords store and set about searching for a pair of Look Keo pedals. No luck in that department, but what did catch my eye was the rather smart looking, all black Boardman road pedals that the very young bike assistant clutched in his mitts.

Accepting his offer to ‘handle’ the pedals, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and smoothness of the bearings now being twiddled over and over in my fingers. There’s nothing clunky about the operation of the bearings whatsoever, and the black matte, thermoplastic body is business like and minimalist in design.

There was nothing to dislike – so I bought them.

Ease of clipping in and out of the Pro Pedals held no worries, if you’re used to Look Keo pedals, you’ll be right at hope with Boardman’s version. You can back off the single tension spring, but I’ve been happy with only minimal adjustment since they came out of the box.

The platform area is large enough to spread the load from my feet without any discomfort or pressure on the soles of my feet - mind you, this can also be affected by your cycling shoes and set up, so it's a question of balance really. Stack height is pretty minimal on the Pro pedals and certainly adds to the aethetics of the pedals as well as funtionality. There's a good degree of float to keep those riders new to clipless riding happy. Just wind the tension screw up a little if you need to get angry with your riding.

The axle maybe Chromo, but at only 257g (give or take a gram) there’s no weight penalty to the Boardman Road Pro Pedals. Certainly not at this price-point anyhow. The pedals come with Keo cleats, but I’m as yet still on my Look cleats so it will be a while before these get a look in.

Five months later and many road miles later, I’m pleased to say the pedals are still spinning like they’d just come out the box. I’ve never even needed to adjust them, the tension is reasonably light, so a more heavily footed rider might want to wind them up a notch or two, but I liked them as they were straight out of the box.

The finish is really tough. The Pro Pedals hold up pretty well against the winter crud and have remained scratch resistant. Having said that, the matte finish does hold an annoying smear of road crud to the body surface, this might be due to the Matte thermoplastic construction being a little rough to the touch. This doesn’t affect the finish at all, it's very tough and scratch resistant, because when I finally get round to cleaning them they still scrub up really well.

In summary: fed up with forking out big buck for a set of competitive road pedals? You might just want to give the Boardman’s Keo compatible Road Pro Pedals a closer look, your wallet will thank you, that’s for sure!

There’s a two year warranty with the Boardman Road Pro Pedal, but I’d be very surprised if it were ever needed.