By Sam Aplin

RRP: £1.95 per sachet
Flavour: Fruit smoothie
Energy: 1224kJ / 288Kcal
Weight: 34g including packaging

Fruit Smoothie, anyone?

Easy to tear open whilst on the bike, even with the gloves on, the practical opening gambit of Honey Stinger’s Organic Energy Gel sachets holds any unused gel inside the tube without spillage or stickiness on the skin.

The consistency of the fruit smoothie flavour feels very similar to eating runny honey itself, providing a palatable sweet and soothing taste. Although it does slip down your throat easily, you might want to keep a drink handy to wash it down. Alternatively, you may choose to savour your fruit smoothie while it sits on your taste buds, as I did!

Although easy to open on the march, so to speak, the top-tab does need to be removed completely, though so be ready to catch it. The milk bottle shape design meant a ‘little and often’ approach to consuming the gel worked best. Although allowing me to enjoy the taste for longer, I found it difficult to tear the packet open enough to get it down quickly in one or two mouthfuls. Not really a problem, just an observation.

The tougher strips lining both sides of the Honey Stinger packet make it a little difficult to squeeze out the whole contents of the gel with one hand as they awkwardly fold themselves around the remaining liquid - a possible impracticality during race situations. Core stability and balance is useful here to skilfully hold the bottom of the packet with one hand, and squeeze it all out with the other!

In summary: the often unnatural flavours or watery consistency of some energy gels can limit my consumption to one mouthful before it gets stuffed back in my jersey pocket, but I could definitely punch a few Fruit Smoothie’s in one hit! It seems to provide a steady delivery of energy to support sustained effort levels with no unwelcome sugar spike to be seen.

Aside from a few packaging issues I’m looking forward to fuelling the engine with this gentle buzz from Honey Stinger!