By Colin Dennis

RRP: £12.99
Weight: 27g

Don’t lose your bottle!

And that’s really not going to happen if you’ve fitted one of the extremely tough, yet lightweight VEL SL Bottle Cages.

So, if you’re fed up with retracing your tyre tracks to pick up your bottle that’s just been ejected quicker than a Bond villain, VEL have the answer.

We do like the VEL SL bottle cage a lot, in fact we have two. Forget those open caged affairs that promise the world: lightweight, stylish, easy removal of your bottle - and open-caged. And there lies the main problem.

Tested using full 500ml and 750ml bottles, the VEL SL Bottle Cage kept a tight grip to ensure neither bottles bounced out, yet the ease of which the bottles could be slid out belied their snug fit.

OK, not all open caged bottle holders are evil, thankfully VEL have some great offerings in that department too.

But, if you want to reduce the chances of losing your bottle while out on the raggedy road, or trail, the SL Cage is all of the above, but without the annoying trait of your bike chucking your bottle away for you.

Less is more with the VEL SL cage.

At an average weight of 28g and retailing at £12.99, the SL bottle cage is just that and can hold its head up against any lightweight carbon cage, and as far as we’re concerned, out-class it.

Having laid the SL cages upon Cycle Reviewer’s scales of truth, it was nice to see that both our test cages came in at a knat’s breath just under the advertised weight of 28g. ade using VEL’s ‘composite nude resin’ whatever that is? But who really cares? It's as tough as old boots.

The SL cage cleverly does away with a traditional lacquer coat to help keep the weight to a minimum,  while the grime-repelling nature of the matte finish means that after a quick wash and a wipe, the SL Cage comes up looking like new every time.

In summary: the perfect fit-and-forget bottle cage. Available in black or white only, the VEL SL Bottle Cage is all that you could ask for in a water bottle cage: lightweight, sturdy, stylish and functional. 

After all, that’s all a bottle cage need to be.