By Colin Dennis

RRP: £9.99
3 x packs of 3 energy balls 
4 x energy bars 

When you're in need of some extra oompf! to get up that final climb, you'll find that Oompf Natural Energy products pleasantly hit the mark in more ways than one.

Easy to open while in the saddle and easy to chew and digest, Oompf Natural Energy may have only recently launched their online sales, but they’re a highly palatable option amongst the new wave of niche, natural energy food brands.

And necessity being the mother of invention, Oompf Natural Energy bars and balls are the product of meticulous research and development. The back story to Oompf is definately worth a read on their website, and once read, you'll understand the whole ethos to Oompf Natural Energy. 'Paleo' and 'clean' are the important words behind Oompf's profile: ensuring that only whole, natural and unprocessed ingredients are used.

And the sum of the parts (ingredients) have created a wholesome feast for endurance riders looking to enhance performance without the use of any additives.


We eat with our eyes, or so the saying goes, and on opening the taster box the Oompf branding looks bright and breezy in a funky, kid's crayon kind of way. More importantly though, there’s nothing worse than wrestling to open your energy bar when near to hitting the wall. Here, Oompf wrap their bars with a simple and effective foil that's one-hand-friendly and is similar in concept to that used by Team Sky – marginal gains, anyone?

The see-through packets that contain the energy balls are effortless to tear open with your teeth, and what's really cool is that Oompf use a resealable packet to help keep them fresh and, I guess, to stop them rolling out into your rear pockets and turning to mush.

Taste and texture

Texture of both the energy bars and the acompanying balls reminds me a little of fruit cake. This is a good thing, as a well made fruit cake is moist and yet crumbly at the same time. I'm no Mary Berry, but Oompf have come up with a winning recipe: with the use of 100% natural ingredients that are gluten free and then cold-pressed by hand, the the Oompf bars and balls are full of taste without being overbearing or after taste.

Being a glutten for anything Pistachio, I was more than happy to get stuck into the Oh-So Pistachio flavoured bar first. Smooth down the throat and light on the stomach, it was hard not to scoff the whole bar in one go, but I resisted the temptation, wanting to save the rest for the top of the hill.

With the texture of both benergy balls and bars remaining consistant across the flavours of the taster box its nice to know that even a small company like Oompf are getting it right first time out of the box so to speak. Consistancy is important, once you've tasted something good, you expect the same everytime. 

Vegetarians and vegans alike are well careted for by Oompf, as are those riders who are Gluten intolerant. Check the website first, but peanuts are absent throughout all the products, enabling riders with with nut allergies to be looked after too.

In sumarry: there's plenty of tasty competition out there, but Oompf Natural Energy have done their homework well and provide that extra 'you-know-what' in a way thats easy to use and digest while on the road, but more importantly, taste great!

The fact that so many eating issues are negated by Oompf's 100% natural and Gluten free ingredients opens up their products to a growing sector in the market. My only problem is I can't get enough of them!