By Colin Dennis

RRP: £12.95
Size: 600ml
Weight: 105g

Taking their Fire and Ice technology a step further, US Manufacture Nathan have made their double walled water bottles incredibly bike-friendly as the Freewheeler bottle lights up like no other water bottle I’ve seen.

I couldn’t stop taking photos of Nathan’s Freewheeler water bottle. The reflective logo wraps 360 degrees around the bottle, but get this, it won’t wear off because the reflective material is under the exterior surface.

So, no matter how many times I’ve slipped it in and out of various bottle cages this winter, the Freewheeler bottle acts as an extra reflective safety feature on my early morning commuter rides. I can’t get over how well the Freewheeler bottle lights up, it’s as if it has its own lightbulb inside – it’s brilliant!

At 105g the Freewheeler is only a few grams heavier than a standard large cycling water bottle, and as it holds 600ml of water, there’s not enough difference in volume to get excited about.

And does the Nathan Freewheeler bottle keep your juice a little cooler for longer? Yes it does, and it’s been a welcome change in this prolonged wet season to swig on something refreshing rather than luke-warm water.

My commute to the office is around thirty minutes on slow day and drinking copious amounts of water that early in the day isn't really a priority, but I continue to use the Freewheeler as my daily drinks bottle throughout the rest of the working day. The difference in the liquid temperature is noticeable and drinking fresh cool water or whatever you prefer, does make a, um ... refreshing change.

Using double wall construction, the Nathan Freewheeler is also BPA free (Bisphenol A) and there’s no plastic-tasting effects that I could taste, even when using plain tap water – very refreshing!

The surface texture of the cap is quite interesting, it has a soft velvety feel to it which allows for a reassuring hold as you yank it from your bottle cage. The push-pull cap has been completely leak-free and is very user friendly when gripping with your mouth to open or close the cap.

The Freewheeler bottle is quite squeezable too, so getting the last drips out isn’t a problem either. It’s machine washable, but Nathan recommend that you only put it on the top tray. I’ve washed my bottles out with Milton’s Baby fluid for years, and as I don’t own a dishwasher, it’s still my desired method of maintaining my drinks bottles.

This cleaning method doesn’t seem to have any detrimental effect on the Freewheeler bottle and remains taste-free.

In summary: The Nathan Freewheeler water bottle to my mind is worth every penny, if only for its amazing reflective properties. Shop around if you need to save some pocket money, but once you get your lips around a Nathan Freewheeler you’ll understand that not all water bottles are the same.

Keep your liquids and yourself cool regardless of the season, the Nathan Freewheeler water bottle comes highly recommended.