By Matt Black


Sweet tasting and easy on the digestive system, 10K’s Liquid Breakfast slides down the throat with a milky texture to get you going when you’re in a rush or simply can’t face a bowl of porridge in the morning.

We picked up a couple of these tasty 10K Liquid Breakfasts while ogling all the lovely bikes at the Primera Sport bike Expo at the Bournemouth International Centre last month. The 10K Liquid Breakfast’s colourful packaging certainly caught our eye, as did the rest of their display.

If you’re ok with the taste and texture of long-life milk then 10K’s breakfast supplement will hold no surprises, in fact the sweet texture of the liquid should only bring a refreshing change to your diet. Offering supplementary sources of fibre, protein and low on fat, the liquid breakfast promises to energise and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

There is more than an element of truth in Fuel10K’s premise, the Liquid Breakfast does have a pretty good effect at filling you up, in fact, I didn’t drink the whole container in one go, I chose to pour some over my porridge rather than rely on the drink itself. I did drink the rest post ride though.

I don’t like cycling on an empty stomach, my young, wiry frame doesn’t hold enough reserves to experiment with supplements during the cold winter months. Always better to play safe when it comes to fuelling your ride.

Among the ingredients of my strawberry drink there’s enough vitamins to keep my mum happy about my intake, these include: Vitamin C, B1, B3, B6 and Vitamin A. Plus you’ll find Folic Acid, Glucose Syrup, Soy Protein and skimmed milk amongst the recipe.

All in all, I like the flavour and the texture of Fuel10K’s breakfast offering. The Liquid Breakfast is sweet but not too sweet for me, and I certainly felt up for a good ride soon after digesting my breakfast.

In summary: Seeking a good balance of nutrition and energy is the game here, a mix of solid fuel such as porridge and energising supplements work best for me in the mornings before a training ride. Fuel10K’s Liquid Breakfast is now part of my training regime simply because it not only livens up an otherwise boring bowl of cereal but the vitamins provided helps keep everyone happy too.

Looking forward to a liquid lunch when I’m older though!