By Colin Dennis

RRP: £7.99
Weight: 69g each including sachet
Volume: 60ml each

Rapidly digestible isotonic energy gels from Science in Sport that are easy on both palate and stomach.

The first time I tasted one of the Go isotonic energy gels from SIS, childhood memories came flooding back of noisy birthday parties around the dining room table with grubby kids flicking spoonful’s of mum’s watery jelly at each other.

In other words, it’s nice to find an energy gel that doesn’t make me instantly gag. I don’t really enjoy energy gels, I’ve certainly never taken to them and relied mostly on energy bars to boost my lagging energy levels.

Thankfully, Science in Sport’s latest Go isotonic gel is a completely different story.

I can also tear open the tab using my teeth without a problem. I don’t have a problem with my teeth, it’s just that the Go gel packaging is very user friendly while in the saddle. The torn tab stays connected and whether you squeeze, suck or otherwise, the control of the watery gel through the opening is simple enough to control. I find that because the gel is much ‘thinner’ it gets to the stomach much quicker and therefore becomes more effective.

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Personally, I use up the contents of one sachet in one go, partly because I don’t want any goo messing up my rear pockets, but mostly because I’ve left it too late and my jellified legs require instant refuelling.

There are wide ranging flavours in the variety pack but if I had a favourite it would be the pink grapefruit. Thankfully, and this bit is personal again, the variety pack vies towards citrus flavours with orange, lemon and lime and pineapple amongst my favourites

In summary: SIS’s Go isotonic gels are easy to open, swallow and digest. There isn’t really any need to swill them down with water, but out of habit I do top up with water as I go. I’m also glad to say that the results from just one sachet of Go gel does work very well, albeit for a while, for me it was about 25 minutes of hard pedalling, then I needed another, and another … and another.