By Colin Dennis

RRP: £29.99
Weight: 117g
Contact: i-ride

The Velocity Apogee RG is quite possibly the most fool-proof and easy to use mini pump that I’ve come across in ages. It does all it says on the tin: with not too great an effort it will pump your road tyres to 160 PSI or your mountain bike tyres up to 90 PSI. Not that too many of us use those pressures mind you.

The Snap-it valve adaptor couldn’t be easier as you switch between either presta or shrader options, everything about the Velocity Apogee is so well engineered and effortless to use you could easily end up being quite spoilt and think 'why aren't all pumps work like this?' The inbuilt gauge is reasonable accurate but when I'm out on the bike doing a roadside repair, ball-park figures don’t worry me too much.

I loved the action where by the Velocity Apogee lifts off the rubber cover simply by it pumping action, this then lifts the working end of the pump out from its resting place and you can easily pull out the extendable hose – simples!

With the exception of one, or possibly two other pump manufacturers, the engineering and finish of the Velocity Apogee sits beyond the normally accepted, generic quality of many accessories and tools that flood the cycling market. That’s not to say the rest isn’t up to it, far from it, it’s just that for the price the quality of this pump exceeds all expectations.

At 117g on the scales of truth the aluminium bodied Velocity Apogee isn’t going to stretch your rear pockets out of shape, but just in case you prefer not to carry the pump on your person there is a small but secure bracket that fits nicely under your bottle cage bolts.

It’s great to find a mini pump with a rubber cover that doesn’t want to fall off, snap off or lose itself the first time you go to use it. The rubber handle affords enough grip that even as the pressure builds up and your arms tire a little still give you enough to hold onto.

In summary: the Birzman Velocity Apogee is a mini pump of exceptional quality in both ease of use and build. It will provide you with the air pressures you need for on or off-road cycling with style and ease. An excellent mini pump!