By Charlotte Sampson

RRP £13.00
Size L
Weight: 53 g
Volume: 0,6 ltr
Dimensions: 10 x 9 x 16 cm

The Vaude Race Light in L is perfect for keeping your keys, inner tubes and a small set of tools safe. It’s constructed using an ultra-light material and includes two small inner pockets which helps keep money and tools separate.

Love them or hate them, saddlebags, big or small, are often a lifeline for anyone venturing out to the wilderness or on longer road rides.

It even has reflective elements on the back panel plus a safely light attachment to keep you pedalling day and night. 

Perfect for either Road or MTB, the Vaude Race Light is 100% Polyamide which is known for its water resistant qualities – although I would still use in conjunction with an ass-saver style fitted mudguard this autumn and winter to keep your back dry.

The Vaude Race Light will attach easily to most saddles. Utilising an easy to use Velcro strap to secure the bag on both the left and right of the saddle rails.

I always find Velcro slightly more reliable than the clip on saddlebags after losing one on a recent ride! 

In summary: All in all, the Vaude Race Light Saddle Bag is a super-practical, and cost-effective way to keep the essentials secure and close by on long rides, and will insure you don’t get needlessly caught out.