By Colin Dennis

RRP: £28.00
Weight: 56g

Where’s a rider to safely secure all his or her personal cycling paraphernalia then? The RidePac from British manufacturer,, might just be the answer.

This is a really natty piece of kit. VeloPac’s idea is for you to carry all your bits and bobs like mobile phone, cards, keys and money safe and secure in one waterproof bag.

Aside from putting all your proverbial eggs in one basket, the concept is sound and is infinitely better than all that loose shrapnel clanging about in your pockets. The RidePac is slim-line and should fit into your jersey rear pocket with ease.

At only 56g, the RidePac offers very little weight disadvantage as the offset is that your phone etc. is almost totally protected against the elements. The extra-safe zipped compartment inside is certainly a welcome addition to what is already a great idea.

Inside there’s more than enough room to carry the largest of the latest series of smart phones, while alongside this, your paper money and/or cards are tucked away out of harm’s way in any number of rattle-free compartments.

The heavy duty zipper is fool-proof and weather-proof, always a winning combination! The casing material is totally waterproof and the whole thing is bonded rather than stitched to do away with any chance of water ingress.

The inner microfiber lining keeps noise to an absolute minimum, there’s no chance of anything rattling around in there. As I mentioned before, the VeloPac is very streamlined and keeps all your personal items close together as possible without scratching or rubbing up against each other – if only it worked on kids!

In summary: keeping your personal belongings is often an issue, but the RidePac from provides far more security and weather protection than a plastic bag. Bit more expensive, but what the heck! It’s a great way to keep your kit together.