By Sam Aplin

RRP: £39.99
Size: 343 x 343mm (13.5 x 13.5”)
Weight: 2.7kg
Contact: 2pure
Website: Feedback Sports

The RAKK Cycle Storage Stand from the award winning designers: Feedback Sports, is a lightweight, sturdy and high quality portable storage solution which is extremely easy to assemble.

The spring loaded arm will accommodate your front or rear wheel, whether it’s rolling a 20mm road tire, or a 2.4” wide MTB tread, making this a very versatile yet solid, free-standing support solution.

The RAAK stand can be used for home storage, setting a bike off under the showroom spotlight, or standing your less than shimmering machine up for a swift shower after crossing the finish line of an event. Either way, this stand fulfils a task that is definitely a much better option than propping your bike up against the garage wall.

Tool-free from ‘box’ to ‘built’, there’s no need to worry about being a whizz with a wrench! Avoid packing any extra and unnecessary assembly tools into a car boot already bustling with bikes when travelling with this foldable, compact device, making it ideal to throw in the back of the car, or pack into that travel bag of essentials. Neat!

Once set up, simply slip your tyre into the three point contact slot and the spring loaded arm will carry the wheel back into a stable hands-free base without any risk of scratching the rim or spokes; a blissful feature, particularly if you’re short of space to manoeuvre around the bike.

With a growing number of riders also choosing precious deep dish and/or expensive carbon wheels, keeping contact to a minimum with the three support points lightly touching the tyre, is an enormously welcomed feature. 

Even more appealing is the fact that the modular design supports multiple RAKK’s connected together via simple linkages on the base arms which, let’s be honest, is an invaluable solution to the inevitable and, of course, absolute necessity of an “n+1” bike collection!

The neat and narrow base is also of a high quality finish featuring rubber feet to protect the floor from the metal frame, so if storing your beautiful bike on your bedroom floorboards, or tucking it up for the night in a hotel room is how you roll, creating scratches and scrapes is of no concern!

From ‘boxed’ to ‘built’ to ‘bike-base’, it takes seconds to slip your wheels into this smart and secure storage stand, while still maintaining 360 degree access. So prop up and show off that precious bike hands-free style!

In summarry: As always, Feedback Sports come up with goods. The RAAK storage stand from Feedback Sports smacks of simplicity and quality. This bike stand is an excellent way to keep your precious bike on the floor and away from the wall where it might scuff or even worse, fall over. Link several RAAK stands together to keep your various steeds in order and out of harms way.

The RAAK stand is the ideal answer to your bike storage problems if you're unable to hang your bike on the garage wall. Stick it in the boot when you head out on race day and save marking the paint on your vehicle