By Colin Dennis

Price: £249.99

Work and feel like a pro-mechanic with Feedback Sports impressive Sprint Workstand - your back will thank you!

'Where I found the Sprint stand came into its own for me was during those regular post-ride wash-downs and adjustments. Washing your bike without bending over is something I’m rapidly getting used.'

The Sprint Work Stand from Feedback Sports is a professional-level bike repair stand for those who prefer the stability of a stable traditional fork mount fitting.

Feedback Sports may not be on the tip of everyone’s tongue when it comes to maintenance, but judging by the quality of the workmanship of this work stand, it shouldn’t be long before we see more of Feedback products adorning the local bike shops, race paddock, or home.

Out of box it took moments to swing the Sprint workstand into place. The smooth action of the quick releases makes adjustability a joy. It might sound daft, but I really did get a sense of professionalism I wouldn't normally associate with workstands. when working with quality items like Feedback’s Sprint Stand.

I’ve lost count just how many work stands I’ve used over the years: from bike shop, pro-level heavy duties, to  Lightweight race-day improvisers, but I can’t remember being excited about using any of them. I think that it’s the material quality of the Sprint is what makes it really stand out; as does the fact that you are working at a height that doesn’t require you to bend your back at all.

Ok, so you have to drop your front wheel out to secure your bike to the stand, but other than adjusting the brakes to the wheel rims, how often do you do anything to the front wheel? I look at it, that by taking the front wheel off you automatically get up close and personal and actually get to inspect the front wheel more than you normally would. The Sprint stand also comes complete with fork mount fittings for standard QR’s and bolt-through forks, so there's no excuse really.

Where I found the Sprint stand came into its own was during those regular post-ride wash-downs and adjustments. Washing your bike without your lower back getting involved is something I’m rapidly getting used to and because the bike is higher, you can really get to grips with cleaning and maintaining where you might normally brush over – so to speak.

There’s no concerns about crushing your lightweight carbon frame here either, not even the seat post gets a look-in. Folding away the frame takes seconds and the whole package sits unobtrusively in the corner of the garage until the end of my next ride.

Summary: without a doubt, the quality of the stand and its ease of use of the Feedback Sprint workstand is first-class, and that reflects in the price. But If you’re the type of person to continually tinker and clean your bike regularly, I think you'll definitely feel the long- term benefits of not having to bend over to work to clean your bike - that's £249.99 well spent in long-term health benefits. Of course, we'd welcome any feedback!