By Charlotte Sampson

RRP £14.99

Thanks to its high-quality finish, the Cooke Components VEL 10 function tool is great for having by your workbench, or bike stand for most adjustments such as pedals, headsets, cables and seat posts.

No one likes being caught out mid ride by a loose headset or slippery seat post. It is always wise for you and your friends to leave the house prepared, or at least have something back at base that can quickly and efficiently get you back on two wheels.

Alongside a cross head and flat head screwdriver, there’s also Torx T25 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8mm Hex Keys at your disposal.

It is perhaps a little heavy for a jersey pocket, but better suited to a saddle bag alongside other essential tools, as I believe several different tools is key for roadside emergencies.

However, the VEL 10 will answer 80% of roadside niggles, and I like the way it closes flat and into a weight-saving, compact size, that’s easier for sliding into a saddlebag without it rattling around too much.

In summary: ergonomic, tactile and well made, the VEL 10 is a super-handy tool whether you’re a home mechanic or simply in need of a lightweight multi-tool to adjust or repair your bike out on the tarmac or trail.