By Colin Dennis

RRP: See below

Regardless of cost, all cyclists need to play our part when it comes protecting the environment, and that includes when washing our precious bikes. Thankfully, the Pure Eco range of cleaning and lubrication products from erstwhile grease monkeys, Weldtite, pretty much ticks all the boxes towards fulfilling this responsibility.

With six productson test (seven if you include the bucket for water) and all free from nasty solvents, aerosols or propellants, there’s no excuse to get your pride and joy all shiny and glistening ready for your next ride in a guilt-free kind of way.

Bike Wash RRP £7.99

The mainstay of any bike cleaning arsenal, and quite often the only one! The Weldtite Pure Bike Wash comes in a 1ltr recycled, clear plastic bottle with trigger actuator which spurts out plenty of cleaner without too much finger effort.

The cleaning liquid itself is clear and acid free, yet works away at eating dirt and grease as easily as the best solvent based cleaners on the market. Being water based, the Pure Bike Wash clears its decks pretty swiftly too, but just like any other bike wash needs a little encouragement when congealed grime refuses to budge. One tick done!

One downside of water based cleaning products is that you might need to squirt a little more product onto the surface to get a good result, that means not only are eco-friendly cleaning products more costly, but you use more liquid for cleaning. Such is the price of saving the planet, so it’s not a bad thing really in my eyes.

Bike Degreaser RRP: £5.99

Remember the bit above that says ‘a bike wash needs a little encouragement when congealed grime refuses to budge?’ well this is exactly where the Pure Degreaser comes into play - and works extremely well at making mincemeat of clearing away the grime.

I kept the nozzle of the neat trigger up close as to make sure I didn’t waste any liquid, the added pressure of getting up close works better at dislodging the dirt anyhow.

Ah-ha! But you soon discover that still need to use a bigger dollop of degreaser fluid to get the desired effect. It’s all sounding a little contradictory I know, but so what if you use amore planet-friendly cleaners, isn’t that the point? Planet first, wallet second?

Wet Lube 100ml RRP £5.99

This all-round chain lube works really well at sticking to your drive chain when it’s wet outside. If you don’t over-lube the chain, you probably won’t need to wipe the chain down with a cloth after applying it. If you use the wet lube sparingly and let it soak in overnight (we all do that don’t we?) your chain definitely feel the benefit, as will your wallet.

After prolonged off-road use the Pure Wet Lube, just like any other chain lube, needs reapplying, but it does last extremely well at clinging to the links of your much abused chain. It washes off cleanly and therefore avoids acting as a grime magnet around the jockey wheels of the rear derailleur.

Dry Lube 250ml RRP £5.99

Aimed purely at the road end of the market, the Pure Dry Lube does a remarkable job of sticking to the chain. But … just as with other dry lubes designed for chain use, the Pure Dry Lube best if you apply a little at a time to build up a good coating.

OK so it takes a little longer to soak into the chain itself, but the lack of grime building up when dry lubes are used makes the extra effort worthwhile. Consistency and texture of the Pure Dry Lube is quite watery, as you would expect, so make sure you don’t overload the chain and wipe away any excess before applying another coat – and so on.

A silent running chain is a good indicator that wear and tear of your chainset is being kept to a minimum, and the Pure Dry Lube does a really good job at keeping quiet.

Bike Protector 250ml RRP £7.99

Looking for a little showroom sparkle? The Bike Protector from Weldtite Pure is designed to be applied after washing and lubricating your bike. Apply the bike protector to your frame to help stop dirt from cling to the frame surface, and anywhere else that you want to repel the effects of road grime or dirt.

The trigger actuator shoots out plenty of liquid, actually more than you need, so I learned to apply the protector by spraying it onto a clean cloth before applying it to the frame. This certainly reduced the chances of any wastage.

Just like the rest of the Pure Eco range from Weldtite, the Bike Protector is water based and solvent free, but still manages to do an admirable job at clinging to the frame as a protective film and breathing some welcome life back into a sad looking frame. The sheen left behind using the protector is as effective as anything else on the market – just not poisonous to the planet.

Bike Grease 100g RRP: £7.99

The Pure Eco Bike Grease is a user-friendly and protective lubricant that ensures free movement of headsets, pedals and seatposts and anywhere else that you feel needs quietening down and run smoothly.

Not as thick as many solvent based lubricants, but much easier on the hands. The Pure Bike Grease is fairly lightweight and need replacing more often than mainstream grease lubricants.

Not necessarily a bad thing, the more you get your hands on your bike and become familiar with it the better, surely? Ideal if you enjoy home based bike maintenance, the Pure Eco Bike Grease is easy to apply and leaves very little residue on your fingers when applied. Nice, but a bit expensive for a 100g pot.

In summary: if you care for the planet and your bikes in equal measure then the Pure Eco range of cleaning and lubricants from Weldtite offer the perfect balance for maintenance of both bike and mother earth.