By Colin Dennis and Ophelia aged 9

RRP: £28.95 Sizes: Small (3+small adult) Adult
Size tested: Small
LED colour versions: Red or Green

Here’s a bright idea that we came across at the NEC show back in September. The Nite-Bright stand lit up like the proverbial Belisha beacon in a far corner of the main hall and their innovative safety systems really hit home to us about dark winter school runs and early morning exercising.

Kids are generally like, um … kids in a sweet shop when it comes to anything fun and flashing, and I think this is possibly why the Nite-Bright safety system works so well. Kids also seem take to the wearing of anything day-glow in their stride and the Nite-Bright system is full-on fluro and reflective-friendly.

The complete safety pack comes with a full, six interchangeable outlines, so for running you can slip in the running version, or the worded ‘CHILD’ option for the walk to school. Batteries (3 x AAA) are included and the originals are still flashing bright after nearly a month’s use (half-term notwithstanding).

We opted to use and test the 3+ small adult version, and after fighting a losing battle as to who was going open the box and get to play with it, Ophelia got her way.

‘The harness fits me really well and it only took a little time for me to put the straps of the vest in the proper place and slide in the bicycle picture. I can ride my bike really easily with the vest on and if mum carries my bag it’s much more fun.’

‘There is another harness which fits over my school bag. The straps on the bag harness a really long with lots of Velcro and fits around mummy’s bag much better. I really like the flashing signs and I know they make me stand out in the dark really well, but I can’t see them flashing because they are on my back. For the bag harness there needs to be another sign that says: boys keep out!’

There are two colour options when choosing your Nite-bright system: red or green. We opted for the red. The 3+ small adult vest fitted a number of adults that we gave it to try on and only above 5’ 4’’ or there about did the chest strap start to sit a little too high. Anyone above this height I would recommend the adult size.

Putting the Nite-Bright system together for use: fitting batteries, sliding in your chosen sign and adjusting the straps takes only a few minutes and once fitted and adjusted needs little in the way of further maintenance. The on/off button in the bottom right hand corner of each see-through wallet works consistently well without much pressure having to be applied.

In Summary: The Nite-Bright safety system is a hit. It’s easy to fit and maintain, comfortable to wear and makes you stand out like a mobile Belisha beacon – brilliant for kids on the school run and for adults who train or commute in the dark.