By Colin Dennis

RRP: £64.99
Weight: 156g pair (93g front & 63g rear - strap mounts included)

Lezyne’s Micro 400XL and Strip Drive LED’s combo are cracking set of lights that bangs out plenty of light to guide your way home this Christmas.

It’s autumn again and winter is knocking on the door, so if you’re planning to be a regular commuter this winter then a set of Lezyne’s nifty Micro 400XL and Strip Drive LED lights should brighten up those chilly nocturnal rides.

Small, powerful and beautifully engineered is how I would best describe Lezyne’s Micro Drive light set. Fitting them to the handlebars and seatpost takes seconds, even with bulky gloves on – and that’s the Litmus-test for all light fittings, isn’t it? The Micro 400XL swivels to either side to allow easy access while hooking-up the strap around the bars. I like the easy life when preparing to go out night riding.

Accessories lights lezyne r 01

The rear Strip Drive needs just a little more care when hooking-up when wearing said gloves, but other than that, it’s a case of fit-and-forget as you head off into the dark – or rather, the light.

Lezyne’s rear Strip Light is housed in a solidly built rubber casing, so you’d be very unlucky to damage it if dropped. The on/off button on the top sits proud of the housing to make mode selection a cinch. The rubber strap is certainly beefy and clamps securely around the seatpost over the bumpiest of terrain. We headed out mountain biking in the dark with the Strip light, only switching it on and making ourselves seen when we hit the road sections.

For road bikes, the Strip Light has a narrower central channel to fit over slim seatstays, it behaved itself in this position too and didn’t budge and inch.

There are plenty of run times and modes to satisfy most scenarios: from the blast effect of 25 lumens to the power-saving 14 hours of 5 lumens and every combination in between. The day flash 25 lumens is a boon on bright days – just like we’ve had recently. 11 hours of run time for the day flash shouldn’t be sniffed at as cycling during bright, low lying sunshine brings its own hazards for all road users.

Charging both the Micro 400XL and the Strip is a doddle, just pull off each chunky cover to expose their integrated USB sticks, and plug them in. Needless to say, but I will say it - don’t misplace the covers!

Recharge time for the Strip light is 2.5hrs, but the test light charged up just under that score. The Front light took a little longer at around 3 hours as expected.

Acessories lights lezyne set 02

I mentioned earlier that we took both the Micro 400XL and the Strip light out for a bit night-time off-road shenanigans, and for just under the 1 hour mark on full 400 lumens, the Micro 400XL performed beautifully to light up our not-very-technical New Forest trails. All good fun though!

OK, so there are more dedicated and brighter lights out there for off-road riding, but what a better way to judge a front light than in the complete dark away from street lighting. The Micro 400XL is a commuter light that works really well for short, full-beam excursions off-road; and what commuter worth his or her salt doesn’t enjoy doing that?

In summary: the combination of Lezyne’s Micro 400XL front and rear Strip LED lights saves around £5 over buying them individually, but regardless of cost they’re worth a serious nod for anyone on the lookout for Christmas ideas for the nocturnal rider in the family.