By Colin Dennis

RRP: £199.95
Weight: 119g

Clamp it to your helmet, give it a tap, then ride fast. How easy is this? With a whacking-great 1300 lumens, Exposure’s sublime Diablo light eliminates all the excuses you can muster about night riding.

Proudly hand-made in Britain and available in its MK7 incarnation, it says a great deal about the popularity and performance of the Diablo that it’s continually refined year-after-year and remains one of the default-lights for many cyclists.

The wish-list of features included on the Exposure Diablo is something that many of us would have only dreamed of a few years back: TAP technology, Intelligent Thermal Management and a Fuel Gauge are but a few of the advances that keep Exposure Lights ahead of the curve. Now, if only they could bend light!

Run times are pretty impressive as you would expect: with the full, eye-watering 1300 lumens you can expect the world to wake up for at least an hour, while on the lowest setting the Diablo is designed to give all it’s got for 24hrs – making it the perfect partner for endurance events.

1300 lumens can generate a fair bit of heat so to counter this the Diablo's body is constructed to include plenty of heat-releasing fins - certainly adds to the stylish look of the diablo and helps reduce the overall weight - which, I think for a light of this magnitude, is pretty negligible anyway.

Also included in the Diablo’s box of delights you’ll find: a sturdy QR handlebar mount, an idiot-proof helmet mount, smart charger, the ubiquitous USB cable, a spare plastic bolt (should the helmet mount prove not to be idiot-proof) and some quick-fire words on how to get going. The Diablo is also more programable than a dodgy daytime TV channel and so as you don't lose track of what's on offer here, the programes are beautifully etched into the body work of the light.

As we’re ‘early to bed – early to rise’ types at Cycle Reviewer, we’re going to wait until the nights draw in a bit more and then give the Diablo a full review, so please call back just after Halloween. For more information about Exposure Lights please click here for the article on Cycle Reviewer’s recent visit to Ultimate Sports Engineering.