By Colin Dennis

RRP: £6.99
Weight: 19g

With more ping than bling, does Upgrade’s clever little brass ringer spell the end of the acrimonious relationship between man versus horse, um … from the rear – so to speak?

Ok, well spotted. It's not a light, but for now it will have to live here.

This bell is tiny, it’s so small and such a clever idea I wonder why I haven’t seen one before? The Brass Bell couldn’t be simpler to use: you open up the tiny jaws of the clamp by unwinding the bell a few turns then slide it onto the rubber hood, the left one makes more sense, tighten up and away you go. A quick flick of your thumb and no more worried horse riders - perfect.

Being based in the New Forest area we thought we’d go out and create our own mini-PR exercise and test it on the local population.

We slowed down to chat to a few horse riders who happened to be on one of the more popular cycle routes and simply asked if they could hear us approaching after using just a single ping. Very politely, all five riders questioned (all female) thought the bell was an excellent idea and yes they could hear us in plenty of time, one lady asked if bells were law on bikes now? Now there’s a question, we smiled politely and moved on.

One or two of the local population did however lose interst in the bell once they discovered they couldn't eat it.

Designed to work on pretty much any bike, the mini bell also fits on cables and just about anything else that’s within handy reach of your thumb. Gloved or un-gloved it works just as well.

In summary: For added bike bling that’s not afraid to ping, Upgrade’s mini Brass Bell could also be the answer to the age-old Christmas dilemma of what to get the cyclist who’s got everything.