By Colin Dennis

RRP: £34.99
Weight: 24g

Weighing in at only 24g but punching out a whacking 30 lumen of red glow, Cateye's Rapid X is a rear light that can't be ignored.

'With no less than five lighting modes the Rapid X goes the distance with a highly impressive range of runtimes. On flash mode, it seems it wants to go on forever.'

Light, bright and so easy to fit, the Cateye Rapid X LED rear light pumps out an impressive 25 lumens of light and with its heavy-duty rubber band can be quickly and securely positioned on either the seat post or seat stays.

Synonymous with bike lights and cycle computers the Rapid X Rear RC LED light is one of the lightest and most effective tail lights around. The slim-line body secures without fuss to either the seat post or the seat stays thanks to the rubberised waterproof backing and heavy duty rubber band attachment.

This little tail light is tougher than it looks and it’s been through some pretty wet weather through the spring, summer and autumn with no problems at all. The pull-away rubber backing give easy access to the USB charging attachment and works wonders at keeping any sign of moisture at bay as the pressure of the rubber-back, squeezed up against the seatpost seals the unit completely – no water gets in, even without the added protection of a mudguard.

Charging the Rapid X is a cinch, and with a miserly 2hr recharge time (USB lead supplied) the Li-Polymer battery does a cracking job of pumping out the highly effective 25 Lumen. With no less than five modes the Rapid X goes the distance with a highly impressive range of runtimes. On flashing mode, it seems it wants to go on forever, regardless of how low the temperature gets.

Summary: roadies, mountainbikers and commuters alike looking for the security of a light but effective LED tail light but who don’t want to waste valuable riding time changing batteries (and who doesn’t?) will appreciate Cateye’s impressive Rapid X RC LED light.